If you need a good attorney Jerry widawski is your man, personable, down to earth, he gets the job done.
Douglas M.

Jerry Widowski has represented me on several different occasions over the last 15 years. Jerry has represented me on everything from high profile cases to traffic cases. Jerry has never turned down a phone call from me. He always made himself available anytime I needed even when he was on vacation.He never let me down and always went above and beyond to help me. I would recommend him to anyone.

When I was in my first major car accident (not my fault, by the way) I had no idea what to do. I was hurt but didn't know how badly and was getting terrible advice from friends and family on how to proceed. I found Jerry online and went in to talk to him. He explained once he represented me I would never have to talk to the insurance companies again ... Jerry handled all the calls from the insurance company and ultimately I received a decent settlement for my pain and suffering... I highly recommend Jerry as he is unflappable and calm as well as tenacious with excellent instincts as to when to keep pushing and when they're not going to move another inch.

My wife and I were rear-ended at a dead stop. Both of us were injured, even though there wasn't a lot of visible damage to the car. Both of us were taken to the hospital, and my wife underwent multiple back surgeries over the following months. Jerry handled all of the insurance issues and made sure they covered all of our medical bills and got us a fair settlement for our pain and suffering. I an extremely satisfied with Jerry's work as an excellent attorney and as a person who stood by us the whole way.
Scott & Mary D.